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‘CIRCLE CHART Music Awards 2023’, to be Held at Busan BEXCO on January 10th Next Year

The ‘CIRCLE CHART Music Awards 2023’ event, scheduled for January 10th, 2024, will be spreading the love of K-pop throughout the city of Busan.

Presented by CIRCLE CHART (formerly gaonchart) and co-sponsored by the Korea Music Content Association and SPOTV, ‘CIRCLE CHART Music Awards 2023’ aims to be a festival that celebrates everyone working in the popular music industry. Award winners will be selected based on fair and objective data compiled from sales / usage data of domestic and global online music platforms, album sales figures, and social media data.

By drawing on data covering K-pop listeners from all over the world, ‘CIRCLE CHART Music Awards 2023’ will reflect K-pop’s broadened global reach. The award aims to celebrate everyone in the music industry, bringing not only musicians but all industry professionals together onto the center stage.

In the July of 2022, gaonchart formed an official partnership with global music platforms to rebrand as ‘CIRCLE CHART’, launching the Global K-pop Chart driven by K-pop data with worldwide coverage. In step with this, the former ‘Gaonchart Music Awards’ was also fully renewed as ‘CIRCLE CHART Music Awards’. In particular, to reflect the growing global demand for K-pop, the main award categories are now driven by Global K-pop Chart data. Thanks to this, it has become an award ceremony that all K-pop fans can take part in, no matter where they are in the world.

Meanwhile, on September 12th, the city of Busan and the KMCA held a signing ceremony to commemorate an official agreement for the city to regularly host the CIRCLE CHART Music Awards. Thus, the ‘CIRCLE CHART Music Awards 2023’ will be reaching out to global fans from Busan, which is Korea’s foremost port and a city of culture and festivity.


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